The top Samoyed of 2013, Cruz, died from the rat poison Warfarin last weekend at the Denver dog show cluster, only a few days after attending Westminster in New York. Cruz’s vet said the poisoning occurred sometime during that week, which most likely happened in New York.  The poison could have been easily slipped into a dog treat. There have been a few dogs who have recently died from mysterious poisonings at dog parks in New York. Poisonings have also occurred at dog shows as early as 1895. In 2011, a number of dogs died from poisoning at the San Marino International dog show in Italy. After hearing this scary news, I will be sure to keep a very close eye on Oscar and will be careful not to accept any treats from strangers!

As a dog owner, I am extending a $2000 reward for any information that could lead to the arrest of the person who might of done this to Cruz also known as GCH Polar Mist Cruz’n T’Party At Zamosky.

BIS BISS GCh.Polar Mist Cruz'n T'Party At Zamosky Dead from Poisoning

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