Oscar and I enjoyed Dewey Beach last weekend, which is one of only a few year-round off-leash dog friendly beaches on the east coast. During his beach time, the Swissy met up with three Bernese Mountain Dogs and had lots of fun playing with them!

Then the idea came! What if Dewey Beach held a Mountain Dog Weekend in either May or September, which would be filled with the Greater Swiss breed, Berners, Entlebuchers, and all of their big dog relatives and friends? The sight of all of these different types of mountain dogs in Dewey Beach enjoying the sunset with their owners would make a great picture. I envision activities such as a costume party, yappy hour, first aid classes, how to build a cart, carting lessons, and maybe even a sheep herding lesson.

Please give us your feedback if you would be interested in this type of a weekend at the beach! We can be reached at oscarthegrouchdog @ gmail.com (removing the spaces).

Swissy and Bernese Mountain Dog Enjoying Dewey Beach!Greater Swiss & Bernese Mountain Dogs Enjoying Dewey Beach!

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