Freshpet has featured Oscar’s review of their ready to make cookies on their website, twitter and facebook. Oscar The Grouch is a grateful swissy for his new status as a food critic.

To celebrate Oscar’s 2nd birthday, a basket filled with dozens of dog cookies baked by David was displayed in the lobby of Oscar’s Manhattan residence.   With over 100 dogs in the building, the only barking to be heard was for more cookies.

The ready to bake cookies were a gift sent by FreshPet for Oscar and his friends. David has never baked before, but he wanted to ensure that Oscar had a great birthday. It was easy to bake the cookies.  The oven was turned on, the cookies were put in, and 10 minutes later they looked and smelled just like real cookies!  David was tempted to try them, but instead he let them cool as Oscar waited patiently to sample his treat. Once he got a taste of one cookie, the swissy started doing tricks in order to get a second cookie. The only thing missing from these cookies was a picture of a greater swiss mountain dog on the box!

Be sure to stop by for a treat if you are in the neighborhood tonight!

FreshPet Dog Cookies for Oscar The Grouch (Swissy)'s BirthdayFresh Pet Dog Cookies for Oscar the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog's BirthdayOscar (The Swissy) Celebrating His Birthday With His Neighbor