It was Oscar The Grouch’s first time at Westminster Kennel Club. He was the youngest dog entered for the Greater Swiss Mountain Do Breed and the other dogs on average were 1 and a 1/3 years older. He showed very well, but was a bit nervous looking for his owner. There’s next year and also next show.

If his owner, David could change things, he would of got Oscar to Westminster either earlier (so he could sleep in his crate to calm down) or later (walk right in the ring). We got there as his handler, Ashley was showing her Cane Corso, Ch Castleguard’s Caillou. Madison Square Garden (MSG) was a mess and there was no way to find Oscar’s crate location till she came back. With his owner nervous, and having Oscar for that time in the middle of a mess, probably cast some bad luck. Now if MSG placed dogs by breed and then by handler, things would be much easier for everyone.  Lesson learned for next year.

Oscar gives a big thank you to Ben Cohen (WSJ), Vin, Bob, and David Frei.

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