After finishing his walks, Oscar always tries to run to my neighbor’s door to visit Rocco the Bulldog. Rocco will bark back and a play date is usually set for the Swissy and Bulldog. Unfortunately, today is a sad day because Rocco is moving away.

Rocco, who lived on my floor before Oscar, was a dog friend who Oscar grew up with. As a 12 lb puppy, Oscar ran away from Rocco, but later they became great friends. Whether they were playing tug of war, fetch or begging for treats, they always had a great time. Rocco will now be moving 15 blocks away, so they will see each other again, but it will never be the same as watching Oscar run down the hall to ask if Rocco could play.

Rocco the Bulldog grabs the ball in a game of fetchOscar the Swissy with Rocco the Bulldog's owner


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