It’s been around 80 degrees this weekend which is perfect Swissy weather. Oscar got to catch up with his neighbor Holly the Lab, make new friends, do his swissy roll, and even walk by the Bayside Beach.

Dewey Beach being possibly the only beach in the NorthEast that allows dogs year round is like Disneyland for dogs, a giant beachside dog park! The only bad part is having to leave but NYC does have CentralBark, um..Central Park!

Oscar The Swissy Meets His Dewey Beach FriendsThe Swissy Meets His Dewey Beach FriendsSwissy Roll on Dewey BeachGreater Swiss Mountain Dog Dewey BeachSwissy on Dewey Beach Bayside




Oscar loves being around my nieces and nephews. While Jessica is wondering what the fuss is about, Mikey runs in for the hug to welcome his cousin. Then Danielle and Mikey watch Oscar show he’s happy to be there by doing the “swissy roll”. For Mikey’s next birthday gift, should I give him a swissy puppy like Oscar?


Cousin Oscar in "Family Dog" (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)Cousin Oscar in "Family Dog" (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog does the Swissy roll)