With amazing weather in NYC, it was either go to happy hour or take Oscar for a walk (yappy hour). Of course, Oscar comes first. But this walk was different. Only two blocks away from home, we ran into another swissy. For Oscar it was a dream come true. After saying hi, he then realized that the swissy was a female, “Snapple”. He then introduced himself by rolling around in the street.  Oscar and Snapple stopped street traffic for an hour as everyone was asking if they were best friends and how amazing they looked together. Two girls stopped by that work at Sesame Street and were able to meet the other “Grouch” in town. Of course, someone passing by asked the question,  “Are they Bernese Mountain Dogs with a haircut? They were answered by, “they are Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs!”. Oscar could not get enough of Snapple, and looks forward to seeing her again soon. For a short swissy video of Oscar & Snapple: http://youtu.be/sbv2q1V27fk

Oscar The Grouch rolls over after meeting Snapple another Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)Oscar The Grouch hangs out with Snapple another Swissy (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)







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