On Sunday, Oscar and I went for a walk at Madison Square Dog Park. We usually just hang out outside of the dog park area because the ground has too many dirty pebbles. However, this time was different. Oscar met another Swissy, Nellie. It was love at first sight, and Oscar did what any other teenage dog would do by barking until he got her attention. If Oscar did not say hello to her, it would have been a long walk home. The pictures tell the rest of the story, but of course there was drama. I usually carry Oscar’s treats in a shopping bag. Before we left the park, a random dog jumped up and ripped the shopping bag, so it was raining treats for all of the dogs! Once that trick worked, he kept trying to repeat it.
As we were walking home, we met someone who knew Oscar from his website! We also met some new fans, and Oscar got called Snapple. Snapple is the name of a female Greater Swiss Mountain dog in our neighborhood.  I guess the Swissies are taking over Manhattan now!

Oscar The Grouch Dog Meets Nellie The SwissyOscar Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Meet New Friends

Oscar The Grouch GSMD Meets New FansDog Park Treat Thief!Oscar The Grouch GSMD Say Hello








It’s feel like spring outside!  Oscar and dad went for a long walk, every block I visited we’d hear the same questions-  “Bernese”? “Greater Swiss Mountain Dog” or “Swissy” I would respond. At the end of the walk we went to the dog park where Oscar caught up with Dakota the Great Dane. Dakota will soon take Oscar’s place as the largest dog in the neighborhood. Just 4 months ago Oscar was 4x his size as they wore the same Halloween costume, Oscar (size 3XL) and Dakota (size XS).

After 10 minutes of being at the dog park, drama happened. There are two doors upon entry to the park so the dogs don’t escape. Someone didn’t care to close the first door while opening the second. If I didn’t say something all the dogs were going to run to the street. No apology or anything, the person looked like he couldn’t care.

Not taking it as a sign it was time to leave, a few minutes later, more drama.  Someone new arrived with their dog and their canine immediately ran at Oscar to try to bite him. I kept on pushing their dog away from Oscar, willing to take the bite to protect him as the dog kept on coming back at him. At least the owner apologized, but it was a scary experience. Oscar continued on with his day.. enjoying the slight breeze and mild weather.





With Oscar at dog shows most weekends, a weekend off allowed him to catch up with his friends at the dog park. A dog park in New York City always has a great mix of puppies/dogs and people you get to meet, along with some characters. One woman thought it was normal for her 4 yr old dog to hump everything it saw. A second lady was telling me how her group would be having a huge protest at the Westminster show because they switched sponsors from Pedigree to Purina (for more uplifting ads). I wanted to ask her if she knew the show was last week, but figured it would be better to walk away.