On Friday night, midtown got power back; however the elevators where Oscar lives are still not working. Living 40+ flights up, the Swissy and I are refugees stuck at a hotel. The problem starts tomorrow as I need to go back to work. An elevator repairman just arrived at the building this morning as we walked by, so we are hopeful the problem finally gets fixed today.
Oscar The Grouch Dog Can't Go Home (Swissy)


Oscar says hello to his neighbor Henry, the Toy Poodle. From the pictures you will notice how well Oscar behaves in the elevator, which comes from training. When you get a puppy, the first thing you should do is expose them to every type of surface and environment possible.  I read a story about a greater swiss mountain dog who was never exposed to elevators as a puppy, and once it grew up, it was too late to become adjusted. By the time Oscar was 3 months old he was exposed to elevators, grass, nyc concrete sidewalks and traffic, the beach, and baths. Although he never got used to baths (even for treats), Oscar behaves like a typical New Yorker during the rush hour elevator commute in order to do his business.


Oscar The Grouch (Swissy) says hello to Henry Toy PoodleOscar The Grouch (Swissy) shares an elevator with Henry Toy Poodle