It has been pouring rain outside over the past two days, and it feels like winter is back!  I worked from home all weekend, and Oscar missed his long walks outside. I introduced him to his latest toy, Elmo, to break him away from boredom. After a game of fetch, the tired swissy went to sleep, allowing me to get my work done.

When I first got Oscar, I was afraid that he would not play fetch. When I visited his breeder’s house while Oscar was two weeks old, his father was not interested in playing fetch. I know that every dog is different, and luckily my greater swiss mountain dog is the complete opposite. Oscar can play fetch and tug-of-war for hours and also has a toy fetish. The crate that he slept in as a puppy has now become his personal toy chest. Everyday he somehow chooses a different toy to play with, but Tigger is definitely his favorite!

Oscar The Grouch Swissy Meets ElmoOscar The Grouch Dog's Toy Chest (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog)



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