On Friday night, midtown got power back; however the elevators where Oscar lives are still not working. Living 40+ flights up, the Swissy and I are refugees stuck at a hotel. The problem starts tomorrow as I need to go back to work. An elevator repairman just arrived at the building this morning as we walked by, so we are hopeful the problem finally gets fixed today.
Oscar The Grouch Dog Can't Go Home (Swissy)


Still evacuated from his home in Murray Hill, Oscar The Grouch is making new friends and is continuing to make Times Square his new home. Hanging out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Oscar is quickly becoming a Times Square fixture. It has been a long week, displaced by the storm, but getting to spend the week with my Greater Swiss Mountain dog, has brought a smile to my face.

Oscar The Grouch Dog Meets Mickey & Minnie MouseOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Poses For TouristOscar The Grouch Dog Meets A Broadway Actress in Times SquareOscar The Grouch Dog Meets Elmo and Cookie Monster

Last night around 9pm the power, water, and elevators went out when the neighborhood’s transformer blew up. While waiting the storm out, we were told it could be a week before power is restored. We booked a room at the Westin, as seven blocks can be the difference between power and no power. However without elevators, the task was getting Oscar down over 40+ flights of steps with the only light a flashlight. Somehow we did it and now the swissy is resting from his ordeal.

Oscar The Grouch Swissy Goes Down 40+ Flights of Steps During HurricaneOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Evacuates After Hurricane Sandy