Today, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a followup article commenting on Oscar The Grouch. Oscar is very grateful the WSJ, with 3.5 million daily readers, had previously named Oscar as the dog to root for at Westminster Kennel Club on their front page. Being the youngest swissy entered by 1.3 years gives Oscar time, so he hopes the WSJ will continue their support of him for Westminster 2013.

Oscar the Grouch (Swissy #18) win or lose, thanks all his fans. That includes Synergy Dental Fresh, Snout Soother by the Natural Dog Company,, and (Mountain Dog Collars). A huge thank you to Ben Cohen of the Wall Street Journal for that great article yesterday. Ben is an amazing writer!


In a half hour, Oscar will be walking to MSG for the Westminster Kennel Club. Tagging along will be the Wall Street Journal to add a second part to yesterday’s Front Page Story. Remember if you go, to cheer for Greater Swiss Mountain Dog #18, Ring 3, at about 10am!


The Wall Street Journal, the largest daily newspaper with a circulation of 3.5 million readers, names Oscar The Grouch (Swissy #18) as the dog to root for at Westminster Kennel Club.