As of Friday, the first day of summer, Oscar now has a beach house in Dewey Beach to enjoy every summer. Everything fell into place with the house: 80% of the list price, a super low mortgage rate of 2.75%, and the owner putting 10k into improvements prior to the sale, so it became a no brainer. The three story house is right on the beach block, so Oscar will be a short walk away from the year-round dog friendly beach. Oscar will also be able to utilize all four decks, as the front two decks have ocean and bay views, while the back deck will allow him to watch over the pool and the main strip of Dewey. We also plan to host a housewarming party for Oscar’s swissy friends in the near future. The beach house will also be available for weekly rentals on when we can’t make it down.
I have been concentrating on buying the place over the past two months, but will now have the spare time to greatly enhance & expand

Oscar The Grouch Dog Loves Going to Dewey Beach

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