Wow. Time flies when you are enjoying some BeachTime! Owning a beach house has taken a lot more time than expected as I led a complete renovation of the complex. A new roof, fireplace, pool area, you name it, it’s now done. Next month starts the final item, the 3 story deck that Oscar is on will be ripped out and rebuilt with Fiberon decking. I am hopeful once that is done, the Swissy and his friends will like the new deck surface as much as he enjoys it now.

Oscar’s really been enjoying life having the city & beach at his disposal. He even hosts doggy sleepovers! Excited to continue to share how great it is to have a dog in your life!
Swissy and Puppy on Dewey BeachPuppy Sleepover @ Dewey Beach

Swissy & Berner Deck Party


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