Oscar is handled by Ashley Cuzzolino and Kelly Rauschmeier.

Ashley lives in Howell, NJ and has been handling dogs since she was 8 years old. On Oscar’s first day with Ashley, he won best of breed over three specials, two of whom were the 2011 #2 & #3. Even better, his owner got calls from other dog show people, letting them know how happy Oscar was. Ashley owns a 10lb female Chinese Crested puppy who Oscar has a slight crush on.

Kelly is a student at Wilkes University with a goal of being a veterinarian. Kelly’s specialty is Bernese mountain dogs, a cousin of the Swissies. Oscar first met Kelly when she was walking two female Berners after a show. Still a puppy, he rolled around in the grass, hoping they would play with him. They didn’t that day, so he figured if he stuck with Kelly, he would get another chance.

Rachel Kulp has also handled Oscar. When Oscar was a puppy, she led him to an upset win over a champion to claim best of breed.


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