Oscar won Best of Breed last Sunday. The points he earned from winning also helped him achieve his bronze Grand Championship! The dog show was at Mercer Park in Princeton, New Jersey, which is one of the nicest dog show locations in the area. With amazing weather, the show was packed with people either showing their dogs or just bringing their dogs to the park.

As we were driving home, Oscar and I got stuck in traffic heading to the Lincoln Tunnel as a result of the Hoboken Music festival. As a reward for Oscar’s hard work, I parked the car, paid the steep parking fee of $20 and the swissy had the chance to walk around for an hour and make some new friends. Once we got home, Oscar was exhausted and slept until the next morning.

Oscar The Grouch Swissy Goes Best of Breed At The Trenton Dog ShowSwissy or Doberman? Oscar Use The Doberman Stare To Win Best of Breed

Oscar The Grouch GSMD at the Dog ShowKelly Rauschmeier Handling a Bernese Mountain Dog From Trulli KennelsBehind The Scenes At The Dog ShowOscar the Swissy hanging out with his Bernese Mountain Dog friendsOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Goes to the Hoboken Music FestivalOscar The Grouch Dog Goes To The Hoboken Music Festival

Oscar also won Best of Breed on Saturday and Sunday for a weekend sweep! I escaped the cold weather in NYC (12 degrees) to watch Oscar at the dog shows this weekend. I experienced drama on the trip as I got rear-ended at a toll booth on my way to the hotel from the Orlando Airport, but seeing the swissy win was well worth it!

Oscar The Grouch GSMD at the Ocala Dog ShowRear-ended on trip to see Oscar The Grouch win Best of Breed at the Dog Show

I just received an e-mail alert about the results from the Florida Dog Show. It is always a little nerve wracking when opening e-mails with results, but this e-mail put a smile on my face as Oscar won Best of Breed!
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Best of Breed

After a week off at the beach (stay tuned for swissy shore pictures), Oscar goes Best of Breed at the Riverhead Dog Show. If you live in the area, Oscar will be showing in the working group at about 3:30pm today. Go to the Suffolk County Farm, and help cheer the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog on!

Oscar won best of breed again at today’s dog show. When I am not able to make the shows, I find out the results in different ways. Yesterday I found out by text message from the handler, today by e-mail from the dog show organizer. Also, thank you to Judges Douglas Hollaway Jr. and Col. Jerry H. Weiss USMC (Ret.) for the wins.

Email about Oscar winning Best of Breed at the Dog Show

Just got a text from Ashley that Oscar won Best of Breed over the other Swissies at the Southern Maryland Kennel Club Dog Show. Over two million people lost power in DC, but somehow the dog show goes on.

Oscar The Grouch goes Best of Breed over other Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs at the Dog Show today in Oyster Bay, Long Island (at Planting Fields Arboretum). If you live in the area, Oscar will be showing in the working group at about 3pm today. Help cheer this Swissy on!