The hurricane is about to strike and all the grocery stores are either closed or have long lines & empty shelves. A corner store appeared to be out of everything that could be shared by father and swissy, except for an entire 12 pound turkey. The store owner wanted $10 a pound but I bargained him down to $80 for the entire turkey breast. If the storm is as bad as predicted, we have turkey.  With most fast food stores (McDonalds, Subway) and restaurants closed for the next two days, if you are in need of a turkey sandwich, look for this swissy.
Oscar The Grouch Dog Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and His Pre-Hurricane TurkeyOscar The Grouch (Swissy) gets an $80 Turkey to prepare for the hurricane

The swissy is headed to Richmond, Virginia to take part in the Maryland Dog Shows. Confused? The shows used to be held outside in Maryland, but they got moved to an air conditioned indoor location this year. Last year as a puppy at those shows, Oscar took best of breed over the 2011 #2 & #3 greater swiss mountain dogs in the country with his handler Ashley. Oscar and David are hoping for a similar result this year.


Oscar The Grouch and Ashley Cuzzolino Head to the Southern Maryland Dog ShowsOscar The Grouch & Ashley Cuzzolino Win Best of Breed at the Dog Show (Greater Swiss Mountain)