New York City finally has spring weather, and everyone is outside when Oscar goes for a walk. A typical spring walk involves Oscar saying hello to the mail lady, performing some tricks, and getting a treat in return. We usually walk 1½ miles to Madison Square Park. On our way to the park, Oscar stops at all of the outdoor eateries looking for people who want to see his tricks for more treats (which I will provide for them to give him). Once we reach the park, the swissy will say hello to the other dogs. My only issue with him is when it is time to leave the park. Oscar will spread all four legs to say I am NOT leaving!
Oscar The Swissy Getting A Treat from a New FanOscar The GSMD Meeting New Friends

Oscar loves visiting stores with me. When I trained Oscar, I made sure to have random people, especially store workers give him dog treats, which I provided to better socialize him. Happy that Ralph’s Ices (best ices in Manhattan) has re-opened, Oscar tried to place an order for dog treats. The worker happily gave him his order, as she did not want a “grouchy” dog at the window!


Oscar The Grouch (Swissy) orders his dog treatsOscar the Grouch dog (Swissy) gets his treat