It’s been around 80 degrees this weekend which is perfect Swissy weather. Oscar got to catch up with his neighbor Holly the Lab, make new friends, do his swissy roll, and even walk by the Bayside Beach.

Dewey Beach being possibly the only beach in the NorthEast that allows dogs year round is like Disneyland for dogs, a giant beachside dog park! The only bad part is having to leave but NYC does have CentralBark, um..Central Park!

Oscar The Swissy Meets His Dewey Beach FriendsThe Swissy Meets His Dewey Beach FriendsSwissy Roll on Dewey BeachGreater Swiss Mountain Dog Dewey BeachSwissy on Dewey Beach Bayside




Wow. Time flies when you are enjoying some BeachTime! Owning a beach house has taken a lot more time than expected as I led a complete renovation of the complex. A new roof, fireplace, pool area, you name it, it’s now done. Next month starts the final item, the 3 story deck that Oscar is on will be ripped out and rebuilt with Fiberon decking. I am hopeful once that is done, the Swissy and his friends will like the new deck surface as much as he enjoys it now.

Oscar’s really been enjoying life having the city & beach at his disposal. He even hosts doggy sleepovers! Excited to continue to share how great it is to have a dog in your life!
Swissy and Puppy on Dewey BeachPuppy Sleepover @ Dewey Beach

Swissy & Berner Deck Party


I bought the beach house so that my swissy could enjoy some well deserved beach time.  With some minor renovations and decorations, the place is looking amazing. The house had been missing artwork, but Joe Mason of Mason Galleries was happy to design a lovely masterpiece based on Oscar that now hangs proudly over the fireplace! Joe will be opening up a gallery on the weekends in Ocean View, Delaware in late-July, and we suggest that you visit. Stay tuned for more details.

Dewey Beach Swissy Housewarming Gift

After a cold winter, there’s still some snow left on the beach on a 50 degree day.That is not stopping Oscar from enjoying his beach time at Dewey Beach! The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, who enjoys rolling in both the snow and the sand, ran up and down the beach loving the new combination of sand and snow. Luckily, cleaning up Oscar after the beach was not as difficult as I thought it would be.

Swissy Beach Time in the Snow










Oscar and I enjoyed Dewey Beach last weekend, which is one of only a few year-round off-leash dog friendly beaches on the east coast. During his beach time, the Swissy met up with three Bernese Mountain Dogs and had lots of fun playing with them!

Then the idea came! What if Dewey Beach held a Mountain Dog Weekend in either May or September, which would be filled with the Greater Swiss breed, Berners, Entlebuchers, and all of their big dog relatives and friends? The sight of all of these different types of mountain dogs in Dewey Beach enjoying the sunset with their owners would make a great picture. I envision activities such as a costume party, yappy hour, first aid classes, how to build a cart, carting lessons, and maybe even a sheep herding lesson.

Please give us your feedback if you would be interested in this type of a weekend at the beach! We can be reached at oscarthegrouchdog @ (removing the spaces).

Swissy and Bernese Mountain Dog Enjoying Dewey Beach!Greater Swiss & Bernese Mountain Dogs Enjoying Dewey Beach!

Oscar would like to wish all his friends and fans a happy July 4th! For the holiday, Oscar went to Dewey Beach. Dewey is one of the few beaches on the east coast which allows dogs in the summer, but only at certain times. So the Swissy took the scenic route, walking by the bars and meeting new fans, waiting for the beach to open to him. Then Oscar wasted little time and headed to the beach to meet new friends to celebrate the 4th.

Oscar The Grouch Swissy Wishes Everyone A Happy July 4thOscar The Grouch Swissy Celebrates July 4th With New Friends

Most New Yorkers head to the beach during Memorial Day weekend, as it signifies the beginning of summer. Oscar is no exception,
and joined David this weekend at Dewey Beach, which is on the Delaware Shore and about a three hour drive from NYC. Once he got in town, Oscar wasted little time and headed to the beach to watch a beautiful wedding and roll around in the sand. Then the Swissy took the scenic route back, walking by the bars and meeting new fans. Oscar is becoming so popular that people from NYC who were on vacation in Dewey Beach, shouted “that’s Oscar” to their friends.

If you are planning a dog friendly vacation, David and Oscar highly recommend going to Dewey Beach. This is one of the
few beach towns that allows dogs on the beach.  Dewey Beach is like the Hamptons, but for the Virginia/DC/Maryland/Delaware area. If you decide to vacation there, be sure to say hello to the swissy!

Oscar The Grouch (GSMD) in Swissy Shore Oscar The Grouch Dog Attends a Dewey Beach WeddingOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rolling Over at Dewey BeachOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog at the beachOscar The Grouch Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Meets New FansOscar The Grouch Swissy Ask New Fans If They Can Spare A Dog Treat