With great weather came another long walk. This time Oscar passed by Ritzy Canine, the day care Oscar attended from 2 to 6 months of age. At 6 months he was old enough to be left alone, with a dog walker twice a day. Oscar didn’t remember anyone who worked at Ritzy until he saw Jose. As soon as Oscar saw him, he gave him the “swissy hug” (a 120lb puppy jumps up to hug you) followed by cries of pet me. Jose always gave Oscar extra attention when he was a puppy. Jose became so close to Oscar, that if he was working Oscar would go on strike and refuse to move for a block or two. Well after seeing Jose, history repeated itself. Till the next block Oscar didn’t want to move, hoping to play with Jose some more.

Jose also had some video footage of Oscar’s 1st day at day care. http://youtu.be/SFlRNe0zJFM