Many fans have asked why a swissy? In 2003 I had just graduated from school. My housemate’s ex-girlfriend got married and decided to start a family. While she was pregnant, as a favor, we took in Oscar. Having grown up with a small female dog, there was something different about taking care of this 5 yr old giant male dog who acted like a puppy. Walking around the University of Delaware campus, everyone would run up to play with Oscar. He loved the attention. From jumping in the car of any girl I would date, being my jogging partner, trying to steal my dates or at least all their attention, taking volleyballs from the courts at the dorm, and swiping food from you, he had his way. Giving Oscar back when I moved to NYC because my mom got sick was one of the saddest things I did. When I got another dog, I knew right then it would be a swissy and named after Oscar. Hence, Oscar The Grouch.

Below is a picture of Barton Manor’s Oscar.