Bloomberg owned by NYC Mayor Bloomberg, spans a tv channel, radio station, financial terminal, and website which reaches millions of viewers. They just covered Oscar as a top-ranked Greater Swiss Mountain Dog who will be walking to Madison Square Garden.

Oscar’s is wearing his red swiss collar which was purchased at Alpenschatz. They have a temporary store in the basement of Hotel Pennsylvania for the Westminster Kennel Club shows. Otherwise their website is linked below.

Oscar The Grouch was just in the opening promo for the Westminster Kennel Club on USA!, a website of 4.5 million viewers, talks about Oscar The Grouch (Swissy #18) and how sleeping at his own home and walking to the show could give him an advantage at Westminster Kennel Club. They refer to Oscar as NY’s hometown hero.

The Wall Street Journal, the largest daily newspaper with a circulation of 3.5 million readers, names Oscar The Grouch (Swissy #18) as the dog to root for at Westminster Kennel Club.

Exclusive pictures of NBC shooting Oscar and David for their opening promo to the Westminster show.

NBC covers Oscar the grouch

oscar nbc

Oscar was featured on NY1 as one of the dogs from every borough.  Check out what David has to say about Oscar!

Here’s the article with video:

NY1 Press with David and Oscar

*Please come out and cheer for NYC’s own Oscar the Grouch, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Swissy) #18 at the Westminster Kennel Club. Madison Square Garden, Ring 3, Tuesday February 14th at 10AM!*

Oscar the Grouch at Westminster

Oscar at Westminster

Oscar interview